Pulau Perhentian: A Great Place for All-Level Snorkelling 

Talking about the popular activities in Pulau Perhentian, Snorkelling is definitely crucial.

What comes to your mind when thinking of smooth sand and clear sea? In Malaysia, numerous islands have become tourist attractions and a “must-visit” destination. Certainly, Pulau Perhentian is indispensable. Being regarded as the finest tropical island vacation of all time, you should visit this wonderful island once in your lifetime.

Travellers who love underwater activities should try out the snorkeling session as the island provides the greatest snorkelling experience in the region.

Learn how to Snorkel underwater

Have no experience in snorkeling? No worries! Just follow a few simple steps and you can explore the underwater world with no pressure.

Snorkelling in Tuna Bay, Pulau Perhentian

Step 1: Select your snorkel equipment

When it comes to underwater activity, not all snorkel equipment is made equal.  There are different types of snorkel and mask, choose the equipment that fits your comfortability and try it on for adjustment.

Snorkelling equipment
(Photo Credits: DIVEIN)

Step 2: Put on buoyancy vest

You can choose on whether to wear a buoyancy vest. The advantage of wearing is it greatly simplifies the process of effortlessly floating on the water’s surface.

(Photo Credits: FOX31 & Channel 2)

Step 3: Place your face in the water and start to snorkel

Lean forward your body and plunge your mask into the water to get used to it. Gently bite the mouthpiece of the snorkel and start breathing in and out through the tube slowly and regularly. Once prepared, dive into the water and enjoy the stunning view of underwater world!

(Photo Credits: Snorkeling Report)

Step 4: Stay calm when water enters the tube

You could either rise to the water surface and release the mouthpiece. Or you could stay in the water and unleash a full blast through the tube if there’s only little amount of water. However, we’d suggest you to get back to surface and breathe around the mouthpiece if there is too much water in the tube.

(Photo Credits: getyourguide.co)

Ready for your snorkelling experience at Pulau Perhentian? Plan your next getaway at Tuna Bay Island Resort then.

Designated as a marine park area, snorkelling activity is suitable for both children and adults. By providing constructed facilities and attractive activities, we aim to give our guest a joyful and unforgettable experience in Tuna Bay Island Resort.


  • 2-night accommodation in fully air-conditioning rooms with hot & cold shower
  • 2 breakfast; 2 set lunch; 2 afternoon tea break; 1 Asian set dinner; 1 BBQ dinner
  • 2-way boat transfer service (K. Besut Jetty to Perhentian; Perhentian to K.Besut Jetty)
  • 2 snorkelling boat trips around PERHENTIAN with snorkelling equipment provided onboard the boat (mask + snorkel)

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Pulau Perhentian: A Great Place for All-Level Snorkelling 

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