Tuna Cafe

Tuna Cafe is our resort’s own restaurant, a bright and airy dining area set on stilts at the beach and open to the cooling sea breeze, an ideal place for a leisurely lunch or a romantic evening meal. Our chefs serve up a tasty spread of delicious Asian and Continental dishes and our famous fresh seafood barbeque, where diners can choose from an array of local, freshly caught fish, is a treat not to be missed.

Opening Hours: 7:30am-10:00pm

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The resort is blessed with an amazing house reef lying within wading distance just off the beach. For those who don’t fancy boat snorkeling, the house reef is perfect for both young and old to explore. Snorkeling trips to the island’s famous snorkeling sites by boat are worth trying and are only 5 to 10 minutes away by speed boat.

The islands are designated as a marine park area and snorkeling is safe for both young and old. Children as well as adults are sure to have great time swimming among the wonders or marine life, including, of course, the local turtles. Diving and snorkeling equipment is available for rent at the Resort.

Recreation Activities

Recreation Activities Rates (RM) Durations Remarks
Perhentian Kecil 40/pax
20/child (4-12)
Max 2 hours Minumum 2 adult
Perhentian Besar 40/pax
20/child (4-12)
Max 2 hours Minumum 2 adult
Rawa Island 60/pax
30/child (4-12)
2 to 3 hours Minumum 4 adult
Lang Tengah & Redang Island 120/pax
60/child (4-12)
only from 9am to 4pm Minumum 8 adult
Mask + Snorkel 10/set per day Only from 9am to 5pm
Life Jacket 5/set per day Only from 9am to 5pm
Perhentian Besar 80/pax 2 to 4 hours Minumum 6 pax
Perhentian Kecil 80/pax 2 to 4 hours Minumum 6 pax
Fishing Trips (Small Fish) 400/boat 9am to 12pm Maximum 4 pax
Fishing Trips (Big Fish) 700/boat 9am to 2pm Maximum 4 pax
Candat Sotong/Squid Hunting 800/boat 5pm to 8pm Minumum 6 pax
Fishing Rod 50/set/day per fishing trips Maximum available 4 set
Olympus GT trekker Action Cam 60/set
3 hours
9am – 7pm
each 1 hour extra rm 10

Attractive Areas


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Jungle Trekking

Pulau Perhentian’s lush rain forest is a particularly favourable destination for trekking, as the island’s remarkable biodiversity is matched by a good network of jungle trails where one can experience hundreds of species of fauna and flora. Please ask reception for guidance and island maps.